Foster Care Programs

Portage APL relies on foster volunteers, as needed for kittens, puppies or animals recovering from major surgery. With a little training and a big heart, you can participate in the provision of in-home care to special needs animals such as puppies, kittens (and occasionally other cuddly creatures). Contact the shelter at 330-296-4022 during open hours and talk with our shelter manager. Our Foster Care Program is small, so we ask for patience as we slowly expand this area of our operation. If you can’t be a foster care giver, then think about giving to foster care needs.

The following items can help tremendously: Dogs/Puppies

  • Powdered Puppy Formula or Esbilac Formula
  • Puppy or Dog Canned or Dry Food
  • Soft Towels, clean blankets and pillow cases
  • Small Nursing Bottles
  • Animal Carriers or Crates


  • KMR – Powdered Kitten Milk Replacement Formula
  • Small Nursing Bottles
  • Clay (Clumping) Litter
  • Kitten or Cat Dry or Canned Food
  • Kitten and Cat Toys (U.S. manufactured, please)

Thank you for considering the needs at Portage APL. (All Contributions Are Tax Deductible To The Extent Allowed By Law)