Reporting a loose or stray animal

GENERAL RULE:        Portage Animal Protective League does not respond to loose or stray dog reports.  Loose or stray dogs must be reported to the Portage County Dog Warden.  

To report a loose or stray dog:

Portage County Residents:  Call the Portage County Dog Warden at:

(330) 297-6924 (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Toll Free at (1-800-772-3799)

(330) 296-5100 (Emergency after hours)

Fax: (330) 298-2053

Kent Residents Only:  Call Kent Police at (330) 673-7732

Other Important Numbers: 

Penitentiary Glenn Wildlife Center (Wildlife Help Line)


How to protect your pet from getting lost


        Here are some common sense suggestions to help minimize the possibility of losing your pet forever. 

  • License your pet – An up-to-date license tag will help if your animal is picked up by an animal-control representative.
  • Keep a strong leash – If you walk your dog on a leash or, rather if it walks you, be sure that the leash is strong and will not break when pulled.
  • Get to Know your neighbors – If you routinely walk your pet in the same area, get to know people along the way and introduce them to your pet.  If later your pet is lost, it will be easier to have them keep an eye out and know who to call should they see your pet.
  • Tag your animal – Put your name, address and phone number on the animal’s tags, even if the animal is indoors. If it does get lost, it will be easier for anyone who finds the animal to contact you.
  • Keep photos – Just as any proud parent would, keep clear pictures of your pet at home and in you wallet. If the animal is missing, the photos can be used for posters or signs. When your animal is found, they can be used for identification to claim it.
  • Call your local police office, sheriff, dog warden, and humane society – Make as many lost animal reports as possible to get the word out.
  • Go on the web – There are many different sites that you can also list missing animals.  Google “lost pet” for the latest site(s) in your area.