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Giving up your pet

Portage APL provides an admissions service for those who must give up their pet or turn in an animal.  This is done on a space-available- basis, depending on the shelter’s financial status.  There also are a few restrictions:

  • Portage APL can only accept dogs that have been rescued or secured by APL staff, or dogs that are actually owned by residents of Portage County.  A current dog license is evidence of ownership.
  • The shelter is not allowed by Ohio law to accept stray dogs.  All stray dogs must be referred to the County Dog Warden.  Call the Warden’s office at 330-297-6924.   Emergency after hours phone number is 330-296-5100.  In Kent call the 673-3486 (non-emergency) number.
  • To provide you and your pet with the best service, we suggest you make an appointment for admission.  Call the shelter at 330-296-4022 during business hours.
  • There will be a surrender charge to take your pet. 
  • Do not attempt to abandon your animal at the shelter.  Surveillance video may be used to prosecute.  Abandonment is against the law.