Shelter Wish List

Everyone can make an impact on the lives of the animals seeking refuge at the shelter.  Through the generosity of the community the shelter is able to keep our animals flourishing.   Please check back from time to time for updated listings.

Through the generosity of the community the Portage APL is able to keep our animals flourishing. During their stay the following items are frequently needed to care for the cats and dogs:

To Keep Healthy and Clean

  • DOG
    • Purina ONE® Smart Blends/Small Bites (Chicken or Beef Only) or Pedigree dog/Small Dog (Chicken or Lamb Only)
    • Wellness ® Canned Dog Food (Chicken or Turkey w/Sweet Potato paté or ground
    • Earthborn ® Grain Free Turkey (dog food)
    • Merrick ® Canned Dog Food (Chicken or Turkey)
    • Milk Bones® Biscuits (Minis)
    • Canned Pedigree® Chunks in gravy
    • Canned Purina ONE® cuts in gravy
  • CAT
    • Purina ONE® Sensitive/Indoor Cat/Kitten Food/Hairball
    • Canned Friskies® Pâté Turkey & Giblet/Poultry Pâté
    • Canned Sheba® Turkey/Chicken Pâté and/or Cuts
    • Canned Fancy Feast ® Gravy Lovers Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy
    • Canned Fancy Feast ® Tender Turkey Feast Kitten Only
    • Iams ® Canned Grain Free (Chicken)
    • Tidy Cat® non-clumping( yellow bag)
    • Yesterday’s News® litter
  • Mr. Clean® with Gain or Spic & Span® cleaners, Clorox® Bleach, Paper Towels, Heavy Duty trash bags (33 gal.), Tall kitchen trash bags
  • Paper serving boats (2#, 2.5#, 3#, 6oz or 8oz sizes), small plastic serving cups (1.5 oz) without lids
  • Newspaper, cardboard, magazines, etc. (We earn $ for recycling paper products)
  •  Square bales grass hay
  •  Round bales grass hay
  •  Bagged sawdust
  •  Purina Strategy horse feed

To Keep Comfy and Cozy

  • Dog/cat toys (US manufactured, please), dog/cat beds, towels (all sizes), pillow cases, and blankets
  • Rubber backed rugs (bathroom type) approximately 19” x 33”
  • NON rubber backed rugs 16” x 24” OR 20” x 30”
  • Small, medium, large, and extra-large dog crates
  • Pipe cleaners, large pompoms (2 inch)

To Keep the Office Running

  • Forever postage stamps, Folders (2 pocket blue), Copy paper

Our special wish for you is that all good things will be yours in return for the kindness you’ve brought to your furry friends.

Items can be brought to the shelter during business hours, located at 8122 Infirmary Road, Ravenna, Ohio.

 Please feel free to call 330-296-4022 with any questions