Why You Should Adopt from Portage APL

  • Upon adoption, you will receive a complimentary veterinarian exam that can be used at many local offices.  Our animals are up to date on shots and are altered.
  • Dogs 6-months and older, are tested for Heartworm and put on a preventative as well as a flea preventative.  They also receive shots for parvo/distemper, Bordetella and canine influenza and they are wormed.
  • Cats are tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS.  They receive FVRCP vaccine and a flea preventative.
  • Dog adopters will receive three (3) free private training lessons at the APL.  These can help you and your dog with basic commands to ensure a happy household.
  • Our dogs spend time with staff and are temperament tested before being put up for adoption. This might take several weeks and helps in making sure you are getting a safe pet for your home.

Dogs are $125 and cats are $65.  These fees do not cover the costs the APL incurs to rehabilitate the animals, but we hope to recoup a portion of it so we can continue to save lives.